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I'm just starting a sign business.  Can you help?

We can assist you throughout the entire process!  From site selection, purchasing equipment & supplies, branding and marketing, to shop setup and initial training, we can provide all the training and support you need for a successful startup and beyond. 


Will you come to my shop for consulting & training?

Absolutely! During your free initial consultation, we will determine whether or not on-site consulting is necessary.  If so, we will work together to create an on-site consulting schedule to fit your needs.  To complement on-site consults, we also offer remote consulting for various projects if needed.


How much do you charge for consulting services?

Fees vary due to a variety of circumstances.  Depending on your specific needs, the fee structure may be hourly based, project based, or retainer based.  Contact me for more information.  


 If you have any other questions, please contact us.