Sign Shop Success

Take Your Business to the Next Level!


Whether you are starting a sign business, acquired your first large-format printer, or have been in business and are looking for a competitive edge, our Sign Shop Success consultation will equip your business with the knowledge, skills, techniques, and systems needed to succeed. 


We will work together to transform your sign business by analyzing your business operations and making improvements at all levels through efficient, streamlined systems.


This consult is specifically tailored for your business. After assessing the current picture of your company, together we will work towards creating and accomplishing goals that will help guide your business to future success.


For 3 Days, we will address a variety of topics to improve your business, such as:



  • Effective File Setup to Speed Production
  • Various Printing Technologies (Which is right for you?)
  • Choosing the Right Materials for the Job
  • Design & RIP Softwares
  • Archiving Job Information



  • Laminator Basics: Long/Short Runs, Mounting Prints, Applications
  • Applying Graphics
  • Minimize Reprints / Reduce Waste
  • General Finishing (hemming banners, masking, weeding)



  • Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Shop Workflow
  • Organization / Shop Setup / Material Storage
  • Equipment Purchase / Upgrade Consulting


.....and much more!


Stage 1: Assessment & Scope

During the first stage of Sign Shop Success, we will work towards understanding the current picture of your business:


  • Equipment, Softwares, Staff, Capabilities
  • Geographical Market
  • Target Markets / Key Business Sectors
  • Goals & Benchmarks Outlining the Future of Your Business

Stage 2: Consulting & Training

The Consulting & Training phase of Sign Shop Success consists of hands-on learning of efficient production skills, techniques, and processes.


  • Understand the Basic Large-Format Workflow
  • Follow Jobs Step-by-Step Through Workflow
  • Printing / Finishing / Business / Workflow / Time-Saving Tips
  • Create Systems Based on the Assessment & Scope to Achieve a More Efficient Workflow / Production Process

Stage 3: Analysis & Recommendations

The final stage of Sign Shop Success is where it all comes together. Here we compile all information and make recommendations to help guide your business towards a successful future.


  • Workflow Improvements
  • System and Process Implementation
  • Equipment / Software / Space Upgrades
  • Business / Marketing / Development / Organizational Recommendations


But it doesn't end here!  We focus on building lasting relationships with our clients, helping them see it through and achieve their goals beyond the consultation.