How Did I Print That?! Keeping Track of Print Jobs

I'm sure you've come across this scenario before.  A customer of yours has a large banner order for their yearly event this weekend.  Great!  The only catch is they need to match the colors of last year's order....exactly!  Uh oh.  What profile did we use?  What material?  What printer?  If you don't have a system in place to track print specs, read on for an easy way to keep your sanity in this situation.


As jobs flow through your shop, it's important to keep track of all job information to allow for easy reference in the future.  A great way to do this is by using a basic word processing program (I prefer notepad for its ease of use and uncluttered appearance).  Have your print operator record the following information for every job as they are printed:


- Date

- Job # (to reference to POS system, such as SignVOX)

- Client Name

- Brief Job Description

- Material 

- Printer (if you have multiple printers)

- Profile

- Additional Info (Pantone numbers, specific CMYK or RGB color values to achieve desired color, or any other info needed for reference)


I like for this to read horizontally so each job is on a single line.  You could also have the print operator record this information on the work order and input the information in the job file on the front-end as it is completed.  ***Note: Be sure to save this file in a secure location and save frequently to prevent data loss!***


This process also works great when repairing vehicle wraps!  Although the prints may be faded slightly due to weathering, you can closely match the colors of the original wrap with ease.  


So when your customer comes back next year requesting the same color banners, a simple CTRL+F on the Print Log document will allow you to search for the previous order number or client name and easily retrieve the job information, allowing you to reproduce the order accurately and efficiently.  Another satisfied customer!  



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