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Create a Real-Time Production Job Board

Having trouble keeping up with all of the jobs in production?  Wish you and your team had access to a shared, birds-eye view showing the status of jobs in real-time?  This can be a common problem of most sign shops, and luckily has a relatively easy fix: The Production Job Board.


The Production Job Board is a customized, shared, and real-time dashboard showing every job's status, due date, salesperson, and any other information you would like to include.


The board is a shared Google Spreadsheet customized for your shop.  (click image below for a brief example of how effective a production job board can be for your team) 


Click Image for Full Size
Click Image for Full Size

Jobs can be color-coded and conditionally formatted to suit your needs.  Your team can collaborate on the board, making changes on-the-fly as the job progresses through production, with changes refreshing as soon as they're made.  


Interested in getting a better understanding of your workflow and jobs in production?  Contact me today to create a fully custom Production Job Board for your shop! 

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